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Winter Wonderland

While we have yet to see any snow in town, there is plenty just 15 minutes away. It is a complete winter wonderland.
U.S customs is about nine miles away, and just past customs lies what we call “the pass.”
It’s basically the summit of a mountain, and it is beautiful!! But it gets extremely snowy.
You can see these mountains from town, and you see the beautiful white snow that covers their peaks.
So Sam and I decided it would be fun to go frolic in this beautiful snow!
It was basically a white out. I have never been in so much snow!
In some places it was waist deep. It was deep enough to form a snow ball and roll it to make it bigger.
I’ve only ever seen that in the movies.
So we decided the obvious choice was to build a snowman.
And it was the very best time!

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